Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Event Coordinator Tips: How to Talk to Your Event Coordinator

There are a lot of people who think that event coordinators are merely girl fridays who are willing to do their client's requests no matter how difficult they may be. Sometimes we get yelled at, and mistreated. Clients who do not show up on time for an appointment? Clients who cancel at the last minute even if you already booked a lot of things for them? Clients who overly demand beyond what's on black and white? That, and so much more.

Not to say that most clients are like that, but there are others, especially who just hired an event coordinator for the first time, who really have sky-high expectations. Worse, these clients even have the narrowest budgets. Dear clients and clients-to-be, I hope you weren't guilty of what I just said.

See, these situations can be lessened if only there was proper communication between the client and the event coordinator. Here are some tips on how to talk to your event coordinator:

1. 4 WS first. What is the event? When is it taking place? Where is your preferred venue? (If you're not decided, ask for suggestions based on the other factors.) Who are you celebrating the event for?

2. Clearly state what your expectation for the event is. Say "this is what I want and this is what I expect". Lay down the information to the last detail. For everything, ask the event coordinator if it is doable.

3. Clearly state what your BUDGET is. This is very tricky since many people underestimate the things needed for an event. For example, a wedding. If you are covering for 100 guests with hotel reception, with 100 souvenirs, around 50 invitations, photo and video coverage, bridal car rentals, formal wear rentals, event emcee, event decor, stage decor, etc. Certainly P100,000 might be short if you have very high expectations. The lowest, safest number that we work with for a wedding with that caliber of production is P120,000. That includes everything already.

4. Look for a MOA or a service contract and sign it as soon as you pay a down payment. The down payment is needed for the event coordinator to have something to work with (do initial legwork, etc.) and for the booking of the date.

5. Treat your event coordinator as a professional (just like you) and s/he also has value in the industry that s/he works with. Come to the meeting on time and treat him/ her just like you would a boss or a client. The better your relationship is, the better the event will turn out to be.

Those are the general rules. Good luck to your event!  :)

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