Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wedding Coordinator Tips: Hire a Coordinator for Savings

We understand that every to-be-wed couple will always have troubles budgeting their money. They bust their asses trying to find the cheapest sources which provide the most acceptable quality. They ask their friends for referrals. At the same time, they're on the lookout for the latest wedding trends that they can incorporate in their weddings so that they can make it as memorable (or unique) and as contemporary as it can be. Again, everything done with a budget. No matter how rich the couple is, there's always a certain expense ceiling that they're forbidden to hit. After all, a wedding is just a one-day affair.

See, a lot of people still don't get the idea but we'll say it again anyway: hire a wedding coordinator for more savings. And here's why:

1. Your wedding coordinator has access to the best suppliers in the field. For this, it's best to talk to someone who has been in the field for quite sometime. If your wedding organizer has been doing what she's been doing for years, chances are, she knows the best people for your specifications. Also, don't think that she will only get her friends for your wedding. You can just ask for quotations and work samples. If you ask her opinion outright, trust that she'll also give referrals according to your specifications.

2. Save money, time and effort from all the legwork. When you are still in the canvassing period, you might  be surprised how much time, money and effort you spend just to land with right suppliers. And imagine how many suppliers you have to get! Hire a wedding planner to do all the canvassing for you so you can focus on your career and on the other details of your wedding.

3. Save money from foresight. There are hundreds of things that you have to get right for a wedding. If you forget one, two or a dozen, you are forgiven because it's your first time to get married (most likely). Trust that your wedding coordinator will remind you of the things you have to pay for and buy. The good ones will even clue you in on where to get them the cheapest or when a supplier is having a sale for a certain item. Most things get more expensive when you buy them at the last minute.

See, these savings could mean a lot for your wedding! So don't think twice about hiring a wedding coordinator! Ask your friends for referrals, or give ours a look-see. Click THIS LINK to see our wedding portfolio. For wedding coordination inquiries, email us at

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